Sensei 1.9.18 Released

Updated on November 1, 2017

Howdy! Sensei 1.9.18 is available and can be updated using the WooCommerce Helper.

  • Fix: Can’t preview draft lessons in draft course
  • Fix: Show Draft Lessons when Previewing course draft
  • Fix: Issue with lesson excerpts
  • Fix: Incorrect heading structure, Use h1s for headings on Module, Course and Lesson Order
  • Add: sensei_learner_admin_get_row_data Filter. Managing table columns on Managing learners
  • Fix: Learner Profiles: display correct url pattern when wp in custom folder. Learner Profiles Settings showing wrong learner URL Pattern when WP installation in custom location
  • Fix: Ordering courses using “menu_order” and Courses > Order Courses doesn’t work. WC: Don’t construct WC_Orders
  • Fix: Replace ‘new WC_Order’ with wc_get_order() function.
  • Fix: Course not showing in My Courses if order is manually Completed
  • Fix: Simplify CSS for displaying answer feedback
  • Change purchase button text when a course is free. Change “purchase this course” for free products. Change “purchase this course” for free products
  • Fix: Link course to a single variation of a variable WooCommerce product.
  • Fix: Removed learner from Course comeback if see course single page
  • Fix: Scheduled lessons not added to course page. Scheduled lessons should be added to course page
  • Fix: Always show answers filter doesn’t work for zero grade questions
  • Fix: Single quotes in video embed HTML breaks on save
  • Fix: WP_Query not getting reset on My Courses page. Reset postdata after resetting $wp_query
  • Fix: Messaging issue on preview lessons. Correct the phrasing for lesson previews on Purchasable courses.
  • Add: Learner Bulk Actions: Make Learner search more flexible.
  • Add: filter sensei_send_message_link
  • Fix: Learner Profiles can handle email-like usernames.
  • Fix: Lesson: Allow Completing if Quiz has no questions
  • Fix: “Complete Lesson” button missing
  • Fix: Videos visible when prerequisites have not been completed
  • Fix: Modification to users displayed in Analysis?
  • Fix: some of the columns to be sortable for Learners in Analysis overview
  • Fix: Weird html in shortcodes. Fixes excerpts in template to properly nest within paragraphs.
  • Fix: New lesson: cannot assign to a module unless a draft is saved first. Lesson Admin: Populate modules on course change
  • Fix: Pagination not working on course archive front page
  • Fix: Featured course filter gives 404 on home page
  • Fix: Multi Line Quiz responses displayed as HTML if saved and resumed
  • Fix: Can’t delete answer feedback
  • Fix: Courses page sorting dropdown problems
  • Fix: Autocomplete processing virtual orders not working
  • Fix: “Free” Course filter displays courses linked to product variations
  • Fix: Menu should not collapse when navigated to Messages
  • Fix: Quiz Multiline as HTML is saved for teacher as plaintext-
  • Fix: Sensei/WC Variable product: Start courses only when their variation is purchased
  • Fix: issue preventing course author from syncing with lesson author
  • Fix: Update name of WooThemes Updater plugin in notices
  • Fix: Course Admin: Show the add lesson link even when the course has lessons
  • Fix: Unpublished products should never be purchasable1
  • Fix: issue with slashes in gap fill question answers
  • Fix: Lock down wp-admin access when editing post_type quiz.
  • Add: My Courses: Convert Tabs to filters
  • Fix: My Courses Pagination broken
  • Fix: Remove “All” filtering from settings
  • Fix: Preserve lesson order w/ modules when changing course author
  • And many more fixes and improvements

Muchas gracias a todos nuestros colaboradores. Como siempre, si tienes algún problema, envía un ticket de soporte y nuestros ninjas estarán encantados de ayudarte.

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