Respuestas nuevas y mejoradas para los cuestionarios

Actualizado el 1 de febrero de 2022

Sensei LMS 3.14 has launched with a focus on improving the feedback options for learners on quizzes.

Along with quiz feedback, this release also includes several bug fixes and performance improvements under the hood.

Answer feedback blocks

Answer feedback is now editable in the block editor, separately for correct and incorrect answers. Best of all, feedback can now show any content – including formatted text, images, and videos!

Screenshot example of the feedback options for quiz questions.

See the feedback options for yourself – which work with Multiple Choice, True/False, and Gap Fill question types – by editing any lesson in a quiz and scrolling down below lesson content.

You’ll find that editing quiz feedback looks the same as it does on the front end of a lesson.

Adding feedback to a Gap Fill question in a quiz.

More granular settings

Along with the new feedback options, you can now adjust what information learners see when reviewing a quiz after grading.

Screenshot of the quiz settings.

Para desarrolladores

For those extending or building with Sensei, here’s an overview of the relevant changes to be aware of with this release.

New/Updated Hooks

  • sensei_question_answer_message_grade — filter the grade displayed in the answer feedback notice
  • sensei_question_answer_message_text — deprected as part of Sensei_Question::output_result_indication
  • sensei_question_answer_message_css_class — moved into Sensei_Question::the_answer_feedback

Código obsoleto

  • Sensei_Question::answer_feedback_notes — renamed to Sensei_Question::the_answer_feedback
  • Sensei_Question::the_answer_result_indication — now part of Sensei_Question::the_answer_feedback
  • Sensei_Question::output_result_indication — now part of Sensei_Question::the_answer_feedback

What’s Next?

We have much more news and exciting features coming soon!

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And be sure to download and play with Sensei LMS today!

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