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Política de soporte

Updated on September 7, 2023

At Sensei, we take pride in providing efficient support via our help desk. Our support policy below outlines what we can and can’t assist with regarding support.


An active license (for paid subscriptions and/or bundles) includes priority ticket support, updates to the premium plugins, and access to certain premium features such as Tutor AI.

If you need further support for your premium plugins (e.g., Sensei Pro, Sensei Blocks) after your license expires, please renew your license and submit a ticket. We can only support the license holder; support tickets must be submitted from the same email address used to purchase the license. 

The table below summarises what we can and cannot assist with. For more detailed information, please scroll down the page.

Assistance with installing and setting up the Sensei pluginsHappy to help ☺ 
Technical questions about the Sensei’s built-in features and functionality Happy to help ☺ 
Product bug fixesHappy to help ☺ 
Compatibility with 3rd party plugins Cannot help ☹
Customizing product visuals or functionality Cannot help ☹
Server technical assistance & configuration Cannot help ☹
Help with Client-specific Requests Cannot help ☹
Custom development and codeCannot help ☹

How to contact us

Disponemos de varios canales de asistencia en los que puedes encontrar ayuda: 

  • The Sensei LMS Community (all users): we have a public Sensei LMS community where you can discuss, share ideas/feedback and ask questions. You can search for topics by clicking on the search bar at the top of the website.
  • The WordPress.org Support Forums (all users): Support is also available in the WordPress.org public support forums.
    We manage the following forums related ot the different Sensei plugins: Sensei LMS, Sensei Media Attachments, Sensei Certificates, Post to Course Creators, and Course theme.
    Make sure to read the pinned threads on Sensei’s support forums and the WordPress.org Forum Guidelines before opening a support thread. 
  • Via Sensei LMS Contact Form (paid users): Si tiene una suscripción de pago, puede enviar un ticket utilizando nuestro Formulario de contacto.

Presentación de informes

Para informar de problemas, siga nuestra página Contribuir.

When an issue is brought to our attention, we will ensure it is reproducible. Then, we escalate it to our developers to pursue a fix where possible and appropriate. You can help expedite this process by providing us with screenshots and detailed steps to reproduce the problem. The more specific, the better! 

Qué cubre el soporte de Sensei LMS

  • Ayuda para la instalación, configuración y uso del producto
  • Preguntas técnicas sobre las características y funciones integradas de Sensei
  • Corrección de errores
  • Orientación general relacionada con Sensei

Note: We may require you to disable third-party plugins and/or themes you have installed alongside our plugins before we can assist you.

Qué no cubre el soporte de Sensei LMS 

  • Integración con productos y servicios de terceros
  • Configuración, resolución de problemas o arreglo de la configuración del servidor, cortafuegos o problemas con la base de datos que puedan interferir con Sensei LMS.
  • Configuración, resolución de problemas o solución de problemas con cuentas de alojamiento, cuentas de registrador de dominios y cPanel.
  • Troubleshooting sites that are not running Sensei LMS’s and WordPress’ minimum supported versions; typically two releases before the current version
  • Overriding Sensei’s default templates, directory structure, and styles that require custom development (i.e., code snippets and/or access to the server)

Algunos detalles sobre la personalización 

A customization is anything that changes the way Sensei looks or functions. Each of our products is provided as-is. While we can help you configure our products within the intended capability and function, we can’t assist with the customization of our products, nor can we help troubleshoot, modify or debug custom code, or officially endorse third-party customization solutions.

Many resources are available online if you want to hire a WordPress developer or designer.

We provide some customization guidelines and developer docs; however, these are for reference/guidance only, and we cannot guarantee that they will always work as expected. Our support policy does not include assistance with modifying or debugging code from any code examples included in our developer-level documentation, and they may be changed or removed if we find they no longer work due to changes in our plugins.

We do not assist with cosmetic changes to your site. This includes but is not limited to, theme design or advice, custom CSS code, menu structure, and color or font changes. 


Sensei ofrece asistencia principalmente en inglés. Si se pone en contacto con nosotros en otro idioma, haremos todo lo posible por traducir su mensaje y le responderemos en inglés.