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Course Enrollments

Updated on August 10, 2023

Course enrollments are managed in Sensei LMS > Students. When a learner is enrolled in a course, it means that the course is listed on their My Courses page, and they can view lessons and take quizzes:

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This documentation is for users with self-hosted WordPress sites. If you are hosting Sensei on WordPress.com, please refer to the instructions at the end of this document.

¿Cómo inscribo a un alumno en un curso?

Cuando alguien compra un curso, queda automáticamente inscrito en él. Sin embargo, puede haber ocasiones en las que desee inscribir a un alumno en un curso independientemente de si lo ha comprado o no.

There are two ways to enroll a learner. The first one is to check the learner’s name box. Then, click the Select Bulk Actions dropdown menu and select Add to Course. The Select Action button will activate by turning it in blue color. Click that button, and a Choose Course box will open with an option to search for the desired course in the search bar or by scrolling down the list of courses. Select the course you wish to add and click Add to Course. El alumno está ahora inscrito manualmente en el curso.

The second way to add a student to a course is to click on the three-dot menu at the right of the student’s name. Once clicked, a menu will display, select Add to Course and the Choose Course box will appear, so you can pick the course you wish to add your student to.

Para matricular a alumnos que ya estaban matriculados pero a los que se les ha eliminado la matrícula, consulte la sección ¿Cómo restauro la matrícula de un alumno? más abajo.

¿Cómo elimino a un alumno de un curso?

Para eliminar un alumno, localice el curso y el alumno en Sensei LMS > Estudiantesy siga el las mismas instrucciones que para añadir un estudiante a un curso, but instead of choosing the option Add to Courseseleccione Remove from Course. Esto cancelará la inscripción del alumno y revocará su acceso al curso. El estado de cualquier pedido, suscripción o membresía asociada a la inscripción del alumno no se verá afectado:

¿Cómo se restablece la inscripción de un alumno?

Unenrolled students who previously purchased a course can have their enrollment restored by following the exact instructions in the How do I enroll a learner in a course? section. This will re-enroll the learner in the course, and enrollment will once again be controlled by the associated order/subscription/membership:

Learners who were manually enrolled (i.e. because they signed up for a free course or were enrolled directly by an administrator) can have their enrollment restored by following the exact instructions as in the How do I enroll a learner in a course? section. This works the same as restoring an enrollment, with no order/subscription/membership controlling their enrollment.

Learner Enrollment Management on WordPress.com

On WordPress.com, when you use a plugin like Sensei that requires users to register and log in to the website, you need to make some changes to a few settings to access Sensei’s user-related features fully.

Here are the steps to make these changes:

  1. Follow this guide on using Membership Plugins to set a password for wp-admin and disable WordPress.com Single Sign-on (SSO).
  2. You can add, delete, or update users on your Sensei site from WP-admin > Users page and give them a “Customer” or “Subscriber” role.
  3. Once learners are added as a user on your site, you can manually enroll them in the course by going to Sensei LMS > Courses > Manage, as noted in this document section.