Using Sensei with Multisite

Updated on April 26, 2023

Sensei is compatible with WordPress multisite.

Please note that while we want to ensure that Sensei remains compatible with WordPress multisite, any issues with multisite installation, configuration, or functionality should be directed to the WordPress multisite support forum.

Before you begin

Please read the requirements for a multisite network.

Notes on setting up a multisite network

You can follow the directions at the WordPress Codex.

Whether you can create a network with subdomains (, or subdirectories (, is primarily determined by your web host.

In both cases, you can install Sensei via the Network Dashboard, which will install Sensei on your main site and all of your sub-sites.

Multisite will NOT duplicate courses or other Sensei content across the network, so any content created on the main site will not appear on the sub-sites.

There are a number of WordPress plugins designed for copying/transferring content from one multisite site to another, but we do not make those plugins, nor have we tested them with Sensei.

Possible use cases of Sensei in multisite networks

Multilingual courses: each site/sub-site displays your courses in a different language.

Subsite administration: each subsite can have its own administrator. If your teachers are contractors, you can create a subsite which allows that person to create their own courses and add users. It does not allow them access to the main site/network, so any sub-site admins only have partial permissions on the sub-site; for example, you can limit their access to the Plugins directory.

Multisite and Sensei Pro license

A Sensei Pro license is for one site only; our Agency license can be used on a Multisite instead. If you have questions about our plans and license, you can contact us via the presales contact form.

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