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Using Distraction Free Learning Mode

Updated on January 13, 2023

Learning Mode is what we call our new course theme designed for a distraction-free learning experience. It is beautiful, customizable, and will take your courses to the next level.


There are two ways to enable/disable the Learning Mode for your courses.

1. Per course: In the course editor, you can see a new panel in the sidebar called “Learning Mode”. You can toggle it by clicking on the option “Enable Learning Mode” and saving the course.

If you’re not confident about that, you can also preview your course before changing it, by clicking on “Preview” on the Learning Mode panel.

2. Site-wide: In the Sensei Settings (WP Admin > Sensei LMS > Settings > Courses), you can see a setting called “Learning mode”. You can toggle it by clicking on the option “Enable for all courses”, and saving the settings. Notice that when you enable it for all courses, it will be enabled regardless of what you selected for a specific course, but if you uncheck the setting, it will work based on the course settings.

After changing the settings, you can visit your course as a student to see the effect.


There are color settings to make Learning Mode match your main website or brand. You have direct links along with the settings mentioned in the Setup section, or you can go directly to WP Admin > Appearance > Customize, and select the section “Learning Mode (Sensei LMS)”. If you access the customizer through the WP Admin menu, you need to navigate until your course to test your changes in real-time.

The logo is automatically pulled in from your site’s WordPress theme too (usually changed through your theme Customizer).

Full Site Editing

Full Site Editing feature was released as part of WordPress 5.9. And Learning Mode supports this feature, which means that you can customize the Learning Mode templates, adding/removing/moving their blocks.

Even if you don’t use a block theme yet, you can customize the Learning Mode templates going to WP Admin > Appearence > Editor.

The templates related to the Learning Mode are:

  • Lesson (Learning Mode)
  • Quiz (Learning Mode)

More details about the Full Site Editing

Since Learning Mode is based on blocks, the Video Embed Code (lesson setting) won’t have any effect. To use videos in your lesson, you must include video blocks. See what you can do with Video blocks in your lessons.

Featured Image also won’t appear in your lesson, unless you add the Post Featured Image block to a specific lesson or to the Lesson template (in this case, it would display the featured image for all your lessons).


If you’d like to enable comments in Learning Mode, you have to first add the ‘Post Comments Form’ block in the Full Site Editor for the lesson template.

In Appearance > Editor > Templates, select Lesson (Learning Mode) template.

Then, add the Post Comments Form block to the desired location of the lesson page.

Adding Post Comments Form block in the Lesson template page