Importing Dummy Data

Sensei comes bundled with dummy data that can be imported to instantly to set up sample courses, lessons and quizzes. Using it will show how Sensei content is displayed on your site and test Sensei features before adding your own course content.

Locating Sensei Dummy Data

Dummy data for Sensei is in a file called dummy_data.xml, which is located in the Sensei plugin directory. Once Sensei is installed go to ‘wp-content/plugins/woothemes-sensei’ and locate the dummy_data.xml file, or save it as dummy_data.xml directly from here.

Installing the Sensei Dummy Data

From the WordPress admin area:

  1. Go to: Tools > Import.
  2. Click on the WordPress link.

WordPress Importer


If you do not have the WordPress Importer, it prompts you to install.

3. Click Choose File and select the dummy_data.xml file you located above.

Dummy Data Import

4. Click Upload File and Import.

A screen asks you to import or select an author and various options to download and import file attachments.

5. Select the person you want to make author of new products from the dropdown (e.g., your admin).

6. Tick the Download and Import File Attachments checkbox. The latter will download all the images to your local server for use on the products.

Import WordPress


7. Click Submit, and the dummy data is installed.

A working copy of Sensei with data is loaded, which you can edit to your liking or replace with your own content.