Doc Category: Learning Mode

  • Creating Learning Mode Templates

    Creating the Template To start creating your own Template, visit a lesson that has Learning Mode enabled and click ‘New’. After creating a new template, give the template a name from the opening modal. Then click ‘Create’ and wait for the new template to be loaded in the editor. Now, the new template will contain […]

  • Customizing Learning Mode Colors

    In this section we will discuss how to change the default colors of the Learning Mode templates so they are better fit with your site’s brand. Depending on the type of theme you’re using in your WordPress installation, there are two ways to change the colors for the Learning Mode templates. Block Themes If you’re […]

  • Learning Mode Overview

    Overview Learning Mode is Sensei’s approach to providing a distraction-free experience to students and allowing course creators to choose a modern layout for their courses. Sensei LMS, together with Sensei Pro, includes four different layouts to choose from. Moreover, course creators can customize each layout or build their own from scratch. WordPress’ Site Editor allows […]

  • Using Distraction Free Learning Mode

    Learning Mode is what we call our new course theme designed for a distraction-free learning experience. It is beautiful, customizable, and will take your courses to the next level. Setup There are two ways to enable/disable the Learning Mode for your courses. 1. Per course: In the course editor, you can see a new panel […]