Doc Category: Learning Mode

  • Creating your own Templates

    Creating the Template To start creating your own Template, visit a lesson that has Learning Mode enabled and click ‘New’. Analyzing the design An example Layout blocks Columns Group Spacer Apply the template to lessons

  • Customizing the layout

    Site Editor navigation The Site Editor allows creators to modify and create layouts that are shared between many different pages and posts. Each different layout is called a Template and every change done to a Template will reflect on all pages and posts which are using it. Although this guide will teach you the basics […]

  • Overview

    Overview Learning Mode is Sensei’s approach to providing a distraction-free experience to students and allowing course creators to choose a modern layout for their courses. Sensei LMS, together with Sensei Pro, includes four different layouts to choose from. Moreover, course creators can customize each layout or build their own from scratch. WordPress’ Site Editor allows […]