Doc Category: Extensions

  • Course Access Expiration

    Course Expiration is a feature included in Sensei Pro that allows you to set up an expiration time for a course. Setup Course Access Expiration In the course editor, use the Access Period panel in the sidebar. Set the period of time that you would like to give access to the learners. This setting is […]

  • Course Enrollments

    Course enrollments are managed in Sensei LMS > Learner Management. When a learner is enrolled in a course, it means that the course is listed on their My Courses page, and they are able to view lessons and take quizzes: How do I enroll a learner in a course? When someone purchases a course, they […]

  • WooCommerce Paid Courses FAQ

    Looking for answers about WooCommerce Paid Courses? This document should help. What is WooCommerce Paid Courses? What is Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses? What Are the Requirements for Using These Plugins? Do I Need WooCommerce Paid Courses? How Do I Switch to the Free Version? What is WooCommerce Paid Courses? WooCommerce Paid Courses is a […]

  • Sensei Content Drip

    Overview Sensei Pro’s content drip features allow you to “drip” your course content to your learners based on a fixed schedule, so you can control the pace at which learners progress through the course material. Content Drip Options There are a few different ways that content can be dripped: As soon as the course is […]

  • Sensei Share Your Grade

    Installing the Extension Using the Extension Once installed and activated, Sensei Share Your Grade will add a sharing panel to the end of any lesson or quiz your learner has passed: It will also add the panel to the course results page of any course that has been completed. Sharing Buttons Buttons are provided for […]

  • Sensei Course Participants

    Installing the Extension Using the Extension The Sensei Course Participants extension shows visitors how many people are currently taking a course. Once installed and activated, you will see a message on course archive pages and single course pages displaying the current number of learners taking the course: There is also a Sensei Course Participants widget […]

  • Sensei Course Progress

    Installing the Extension Using the Widget The Sensei Course Progress extension is a simple widget you can add to your sidebar to display your learners’ current progress within a course. To add the widget to your site, go to Appearance > Widgets, and drag the Sensei – Course Progress widget from the left, to any […]

  • Sensei BadgeOS

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Sensei BadgeOS is no longer being developed or supported. The “BadgeOS Sensei Add-on” lets learners earn achievements and badges from virtually every course, lesson and quiz activity available in the Sensei learning management system. You set the rules or steps required, and learners automatically earn badges when conditions are met. The add-on creates a […]

  • Sensei LMS Media Attachments

    Sensei LMS Media Attachments is an extension for the Sensei LMS plugin. You must have Sensei LMS installed in order for it to function. Installing Sensei LMS Media Attachments Download the plugin to your computer Login to your WordPress admin panel, and go to Plugins > Add New Go to Upload > Choose File and browse to the folder where you downloaded […]

  • Sensei LMS Certificates

    Plugin requirements: Sensei LMS Certificates is an extension for the Sensei LMS plugin. You must have at least Sensei LMS version 1.4.6 installed in order for it to function. PHP requirements: Sensei LMS Certificates requires that fopen wrappers are activated on your server, so ensure that the allow_url_fopen setting is set to on in your […]