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  • Sensei 1.7.0 now available – Don’t update before reading this!

    It took us slightly longer than anticipated, but Sensei 1.7.0 (codename ‘Sprightly Springbok’) is now available. As we mentioned previously, Sensei 1.7.0 brings major improvements all round to the speed and performance of your website. We’ve optimised the way Sensei interacts with the database, so you should now experience no decrease in load speed, no matter how […]

  • Sensei Certificates 1.0.7 now available

    We just released Sensei Certificates v1.0.7, which contains the following fixes: Certificates will now display users’ First and Last Name if provided, otherwise it will use the Display Name as set in the user profile. Certificate image can now use portrait orientation without any of the image being cut off. Fixed a display issue on […]

  • Sensei 1.6.9 now available

    Version 1.6.9 of Sensei has just been released with some important fixes: Fixed an issue where quizzes were not showing up due to some quizzes being duplicated* Fixed the Quizzes panel in the Question edit screen, so it shows all quizzes that the question is used in. Fixed chosen dropdowns on course edit screen Fixed […]

  • Release 1.6.8 available today

    We’ve been hard at work trying get you the latest features in version 1.7.0 but while working at this we’ve picked up a few other pesky bugs which we wanted to squash. We also didn’t want you to wait on these so today you can get the Sensei version 1.6.8 which fixes the following issues: We’ve […]

  • Important Information about Sensei 1.7

    Sensei 1.7 is very close to completion, and we wanted to give you all a heads up about the changes in this version. This release will consist solely of a major code refactor to do with the way Sensei stores learner data, which will solve the scaling issues that certain users have been seeing on sites with […]

  • Version 1.6.7 available

    We’re happy to announce the release of the Sensei version 1.6.7 . This is a bug fix release, which goes a long way to make sure all those pesky little bugs are squashed. Please download the latest version from your dashboard or Use the Helper plugin on your site for a one click update. […]

  • Sensei 1.6.6 fix release now available

    Sensei 1.6.6 is now available via automatic update in your dashboard. This release contains several fixes, which you can read about in the changelog. We also added a dashboard notice for sites using a theme that doesn’t declare Sensei support. The ‘back to course’ and ‘back to module’ links have now also been comined into […]