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Sensei 1.12 Beta is here!

Today we’re pleased to announce that Sensei 1.12 is available for beta testing!

You can download it here.

Release Highlights

1.12 is a minor release and will be launching in October. There should be no breaking changes and new functionality should exist in a backwards-compatible manner. Here’s what to look for in the update.

Better Support for Non-Sensei Themes

It used to be that you had to find specific Sensei-compatible themes for your site. In the upcoming release we’ve made big improvements in how Sensei handles themes that were previously unsupported. This means you can now use Sensei with almost any theme!

The following are before and after screen captures of the course page using the Divi theme, which does not formally declare support for Sensei:

Automatically Redirect to Next Lesson

After a learner clicks the Complete Lesson button, they will automatically be redirected to the next lesson in the course. No more confusion over students thinking that the same lesson is being repeated.

Lesson Start Date

In the Analysis > Lessons screen, the lesson start date will now be set to the date and time at which a student first views a particular lesson. They need to be logged in, enrolled in the course, and have completed any lesson prerequisites before a particular lesson will be logged as started.

What Else is in this Release?

Here are a few other notable changes in Sensei 1.12:

Release Schedule and Testing

We’re hoping to release Sensei 1.12 in October, but could use your help with testing. Here’s how:

  • If you already have Sensei installed on a test site, leave it activated, then rename the plugin folder to /woothemes-sensei-old/.
  • Download the beta.
  • Unzip the file and rename the folder to /woothemes-sensei/.
  • Either move the plugin to your /plugins/ folder, or compress it and upload using Plugins > Add New.

Thanks to all of our testers and contributors! If you find any problems, please open an issue or leave a comment here with the details.

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What’s New in Sensei Certificates 1.1.0

We’ve just shipped a release of Sensei Certificates that fixes some date formatting issues and a bug in the menu positioning.

Date Format

Previously, different date formats were used in a certificate based on whether or not the site’s language was set to English or a non-English language. These formats also had different syntax.

In 1.1.0, there are two changes to date formatting:

  1. By default, the date format used for a certificate will match the format set in the WordPress Settings page for the site.
  2. If the date format is customized using the sensei_certificate_date_format filter, the format syntax required by date_i18n is preferred for consistency. Old sites using the strftime format syntax will still work for now.

You can find the full list of changes in the change log.


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Sensei Certificates 1.1.0 Beta

Sensei Certificates 1.1.0 Beta 1 is now available and ready for testing! Sensei Certificates 1.1.0 will be released on August 1st.

Here’s the list of changes to be tested:

Testing Instructions

  • If you already have Sensei Certificates installed on a test site, leave it activated, then rename the plugin folder to /sensei-certificates-old/.
  • Download the beta.
  • Either unzip and move the plugin to your /plugins/ folder, or upload using Plugins > Add New.

Thanks for testing Sensei Certificates, and if you find any bugs please open an issue!

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What’s New in Sensei 1.11.0 – Lesson Preview Labels & More Detail on Learners Analysis

We’ve just shipped Sensei 1.11.0. This release includes:

  • A new Email column on the Learners Analysis page
  • A more prominent label for lesson previews
  • Deleting a user’s messages when their account is deleted
  • Updates to the default tweet text that can be sent after activation
  • A new filter for WooCommerce statuses

You can find the full list of changes in the change log.

Learners Analysis

We heard from those of you with hundreds of learners that it’s difficult to search for and find a particular student, and to distinguish between students with similar names. To make it easier, we’ve added an Email column to the Learners Analysis page. The Email field is searchable and also appears in the CSV export.


Lesson Preview Labels

Sensei provides the ability for a site visitor to view a lesson without having to log in and/or purchase the course, giving you a way to offer a free sample of your course content. When a lesson is in (free) preview, we highlight this by showing a stylized label beside the lesson name.


Let’s Chat

Have feedback you’d like to share about Sensei or online learning in general? Schedule a call and let’s talk!

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Sensei 1.11.0 Beta

Sensei 1.11.0 Beta 1 is now available and ready for testing! Sensei 1.11.0 will be released on June 13th.

Here’s the list of changes to be tested:

Testing Instructions

  • If you already have Sensei installed on a test site, leave it activated, then rename the plugin folder to /woothemes-sensei-old/.
  • Download the beta.
  • Unzip the file and rename the folder to /woothemes-sensei/.
  • Either move the plugin to your /plugins/ folder, or compress it and upload using Plugins > Add New.

Thanks for testing Sensei, and if you find any bugs please open an issue!

UPDATE: We’ve released Beta 2 which includes:

* Tweak: Update URL and Twitter account in tweet that can be sent after activating

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What’s New in Sensei Content Drip 1.0.9

We’ve just shipped a minor release of Sensei Content Drip that fixes some access issues and adds Russian translations.

Access Issues

Previously, depending on the settings in Sensei, it was possible for users who were not taking a course to see its lesson’s content before it was sent out. This has been changed such that if a lesson’s content is set to drip in the future, no access will be granted to any site visitor. This will take precedence over the Sensei setting to allow logged-out users to see course content.

You can find the full list of changes in the change log.


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What’s New in Sensei & Sensei Course Progress

What’s New in Sensei

We’ve just shipped the Sensei 1.10.0 release, which includes:

  • Deleting all plugin data when Sensei is deleted
  • Support for PHP 7.2
  • Revisions history for courses, lessons and questions
  • Excluding modules from the course navigation when a module has no content
  • Automatically adding the user to the course when they purchase a variable subscription product
  • A new sensei_start_course_redirect_url filter that can be used to redirect users to a different page when starting a course
  • Showing lesson tags in the sidebar and cleaning up other lesson settings when Gutenberg is enabled
  • Usage tracking for active and completed courses, as well as system info such as PHP and WordPress versions

You can find the full list of changes in the change log.

Deleting Plugin Data

In order to be GDPR-compliant, please be aware that Sensei will now delete all of its data when the plugin is deleted. This is a significant departure for anyone who has grown accustomed to deleting Sensei and then re-installing it later.

If you need to remove Sensei from your site, and there’s even the slightest chance that you may want to re-install it at some point in the future, we highly advise you take a backup of your site first. Without a backup, there will be no way to restore any of your courses, lessons, quizzes, etc.

Note that deactivating the plugin does not delete any data.

UPDATE: We’ve released Sensei 1.10.1, which introduces a new Delete data on uninstall setting. Sensei will ONLY delete data on plugin deletion when this setting is selected.

Semantic Versioning

Moving forward, Sensei releases will use semantic versioning, which dictates that major releases — those with API changes or the potential to affect extension compatibility — receive a new major version number (e.g. 2.0.0, 3.0.0). Minor releases, on the other hand, will receive a new minor version number (e.g. 1.11.0, 1.12.0), while patches will get a new patch version number (e.g. 1.10.1, 1.10.2).

We’re using this method in an attempt to better describe what each release contains, and tell you at a glance how much of an impact a release may have on your online learning site. We hope this also increases confidence in minor releases and patches, and helps you update Sensei more quickly when one of these updates is released.

What’s New in Sensei Course Progress

We’ve also released Sensei Course Progress 1.0.7, which includes:

  • Showing the widget on the module page
  • Linking the module name to the module page
  • Making the UI consistent when the Display all Modules widget setting is selected vs. when it is not
  • Russian translations

You can find the full list of changes in the change log.

What do you think of the latest releases of Sensei and Sensei Course Progress? Let us know in the comments!

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What’s New in Sensei 1.9.20 – Module page template and course navigation changes

We’ve just shipped a minor release of Sensei that includes a new module page template and a change to how course navigation works.

Here’s a punch list of what’s new:

  • Added a new page template for modules
  • Updated the course navigation to enable moving between both modules and lessons
  • Removed the Sensei welcome screen that used to appear when activating Sensei
  • Removed the theme check notice that sometimes appeared when switching themes
  • Added filters to quiz answers for customizing both the text and CSS classes
  • Added usage tracking to enable the Sensei team to make better decisions about what features to focus on improving

Here are some additional details on what’s new in 1.9.20.

Module Page Template

We’ve added a new taxonomy-module.php page template that reduces visual clutter by displaying just the module’s title and description. Should you prefer to show the old module page that also lists each of the lessons associated with a particular module, you can copy the contents of woothemes-sensei/templates/archive-lesson.php to your_theme/sensei/taxonomy-module.php.

Course Navigation

We’ve made a change to course navigation to more closely align with the structure of a course. Previously, course navigation moved only between individual lessons, skipping over any module content. Now, course navigation will move between both lessons and modules as per the order set in Lessons > Order Lessons in the WordPress admin.

What do you think of our latest release? Let us know in the comments!

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Sensei 1.9.18 Released

Howdy! Sensei 1.9.18 is available and can be updated using the WooCommerce Helper.

  • Fix: Can’t preview draft lessons in draft course
  • Fix: Show Draft Lessons when Previewing course draft
  • Fix: Issue with lesson excerpts
  • Fix: Incorrect heading structure, Use h1s for headings on Module, Course and Lesson Order
  • Add: sensei_learner_admin_get_row_data Filter. Managing table columns on Managing learners
  • Fix: Learner Profiles: display correct url pattern when wp in custom folder. Learner Profiles Settings showing wrong learner URL Pattern when WP installation in custom location
  • Fix: Ordering courses using “menu_order” and Courses > Order Courses doesn’t work. WC: Don’t construct WC_Orders
  • Fix: Replace ‘new WC_Order’ with wc_get_order() function.
  • Fix: Course not showing in My Courses if order is manually Completed
  • Fix: Simplify CSS for displaying answer feedback
  • Change purchase button text when a course is free. Change “purchase this course” for free products. Change “purchase this course” for free products
  • Fix: Link course to a single variation of a variable WooCommerce product.
  • Fix: Removed learner from Course comeback if see course single page
  • Fix: Scheduled lessons not added to course page. Scheduled lessons should be added to course page
  • Fix: Always show answers filter doesn’t work for zero grade questions
  • Fix: Single quotes in video embed HTML breaks on save
  • Fix: WP_Query not getting reset on My Courses page. Reset postdata after resetting $wp_query
  • Fix: Messaging issue on preview lessons. Correct the phrasing for lesson previews on Purchasable courses.
  • Add: Learner Bulk Actions: Make Learner search more flexible.
  • Add: filter sensei_send_message_link
  • Fix: Learner Profiles can handle email-like usernames.
  • Fix: Lesson: Allow Completing if Quiz has no questions
  • Fix: “Complete Lesson” button missing
  • Fix: Videos visible when prerequisites have not been completed
  • Fix: Modification to users displayed in Analysis?
  • Fix: some of the columns to be sortable for Learners in Analysis overview
  • Fix: Weird html in shortcodes. Fixes excerpts in template to properly nest within paragraphs.
  • Fix: New lesson: cannot assign to a module unless a draft is saved first. Lesson Admin: Populate modules on course change
  • Fix: Pagination not working on course archive front page
  • Fix: Featured course filter gives 404 on home page
  • Fix: Multi Line Quiz responses displayed as HTML if saved and resumed
  • Fix: Can’t delete answer feedback
  • Fix: Courses page sorting dropdown problems
  • Fix: Autocomplete processing virtual orders not working
  • Fix: “Free” Course filter displays courses linked to product variations
  • Fix: Menu should not collapse when navigated to Messages
  • Fix: Quiz Multiline as HTML is saved for teacher as plaintext-
  • Fix: Sensei/WC Variable product: Start courses only when their variation is purchased
  • Fix: issue preventing course author from syncing with lesson author
  • Fix: Update name of WooThemes Updater plugin in notices
  • Fix: Course Admin: Show the add lesson link even when the course has lessons
  • Fix: Unpublished products should never be purchasable1
  • Fix: issue with slashes in gap fill question answers
  • Fix: Lock down wp-admin access when editing post_type quiz.
  • Add: My Courses: Convert Tabs to filters
  • Fix: My Courses Pagination broken
  • Fix: Remove “All” filtering from settings
  • Fix: Preserve lesson order w/ modules when changing course author
  • And many more fixes and improvements

Many thanks to all our contributors! As always, if you experience issues, please submit a support ticket and our ninjas will be happy to assist.