Version 1.6.7 available

We’re happy to announce the release of the Sensei version 1.6.7 . This is a bug fix release, which goes a long way to make sure all those pesky little bugs are squashed.

Please download the latest version from your dashboard or Use the Helper plugin on your site for a one click update.

What we’ve changed:

Fixes ( Bugs squashed )

  • Lesson complete class assigned to the right lessons. The lesson complete class was not assigned to the right lessons on the single course page.
  • Remove pagination from the courses widget component. The course specific widgets were erroneously affected by the global page pagination query parameters. Paged=2 would cause the widgets to come up empty.
  • Remove php notice on accessing lesson_completion and using undefined variables. This simply removed the notice which also avoids any bugs related to an undefined index in future.

Tweaks ( small alterations )

  • Prevents sending email when a lesson has no quiz questions.
  • When changing the lesson author, the quiz author is also updated accordingly.
  • Added text filter to the sign up message.
  • Hide ‘reset quiz’ and ‘view quiz’ buttons for non logged-in users and update the access settings text to reflect the correct logic.

Sensei 1.6.6 fix release now available

Sensei 1.6.6 is now available via automatic update in your dashboard.

This release contains several fixes, which you can read about in the changelog.

We also added a dashboard notice for sites using a theme that doesn’t declare Sensei support.

The ‘back to course’ and ‘back to module’ links have now also been comined into a single ‘breadcrumb trail’. We also released Sensei Modules 1.0.8 to account for this change, so if you use Modules, you should update that extension too.