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Reimagining My Courses

Without a doubt, the My Courses page is the central hub of your learners’ online course-taking experience. It’s where they go to access their courses, and generally bask in the glory of all the progress they’ve made so far.

And let’s face it…this page was overdue for a little ❤️.

That’s why in Sensei LMS 3.10, My Courses has been updated with a cleaner, fresher look. Not only that, but we’ve also shifted more control over to you by giving you the customization tools you need to really make My Courses sparkle and shine.

So long shortcode, hello blocks!

My Courses page - List view

The My Courses page harnesses the power of three new blocks – Learner Messages Button, Learner Courses and View Results.

Learner Messages Button

The Learner Messages Button block enables learners to view their private messages with the teacher. This block is only displayed if the learner is logged in and private messaging is enabled in Sensei’s settings. Clicking the button takes the learner to a page that shows all of their communication with the teacher.

Learner Courses

The Learner Courses block displays a list of courses the learner is currently enrolled in. There are separate views for filtering by active or completed courses, and the block’s settings enable you to customize colours and select which elements to display.

View Results

The View Results block is added to My Courses automatically once a course has been completed, but it can also be added to any of your individual courses. Clicking the button takes the learner to a page that shows how well they performed in each lesson of the course.

What Happens to My Existing My Courses Page?

Your existing My Courses page is not affected when updating to 3.10. If you’d like to convert it to use the new blocks, you can do that by first deleting the [sensei_users_courses]shortcode, and then adding the desired blocks from the block inserter:

Sensei blocks available on the My Courses page

What Else is in This Release?

Here are some other changes you’ll find in 3.10:

  • For lessons with prerequisites, display the first prerequisite lesson that needs to be completed in the prerequisite notice.
  • Only include questions belonging to the current teacher when adding category questions.

See the full list of changes.

To update, please head on over to Dashboard → Updates in the WordPress admin.

Please note: While we have thoroughly tested this release, it’s always possible that we’ve missed something. We recommend that you test the update on a staging site before updating your live site.

For Developers

New Filter

sensei_filter_category_questions_by_author – Whether category questions should be filtered by author.

Deprecated Code

  • Sensei_Frontend::sensei_get_user_quiz_answers – Use Sensei_Quiz::get_user_answers instead.
  • Sensei_Quiz::stop_quiz_questions_loop – No replacement.
  • Sensei_Assets::override_script – No replacement.
  • Sensei_Assets::wp_compat – No replacement.

2 thoughts on “Reimagining My Courses

  1. buenos dias.
    Tengo un problema con sensei pago,
    No sé porque aunque registro más estudiantes, siempre se baja a 105 estudiantes. Luego algunos estudiantes desaparecen.
    No me permite agregar más de 110 estudiantes.

  2. I have linked a module to two different courses, but it is only assigned to one course.
    How can i solve this?

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