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Sensei LMS 3.5 – Export Courses, Lessons & Questions

Sensei LMS 3.5 has just been released and brings with it the ability to export courses, lessons and questions. This means you can export course content from one site and import it into another one, making it easier than ever to transfer courses between Sensei LMS sites.


Sensei’s new export functionality is available from the Sensei LMS > Export menu. This first iteration supports exporting courses, lessons and questions in zip format. The downloaded zip file contains individual CSV files, one per selected content type:

Export content to a CSV file

Sample Course

We’ve also added a new option to the setup wizard to install a sample course. This course is created in draft status so that it’s not publicly available, and walks you through how to get started with Sensei LMS:

Install a sample course

You can reach the setup wizard at any time by going to Courses > All Courses, clicking the Help tab at the top, and then clicking the Setup wizard button:

Launch the setup wizard

What Else is in this Release?

  • Courses with any status are displayed in the Course Prerequisite dropdown. Previously, only published courses were listed.
  • We fixed an issue with duplicate content sometimes being imported.
  • We fixed an error in the setup wizard that occurred when navigating to a previous step.

For Developers

If you’re a developer, here’s what you need to know about Sensei LMS 3.5.

Deprecated Code

  • includes/3rd-party/wordpress-importer.php – Deprecated the entire file.

To update, please head on over to DashboardUpdates in the WordPress admin.

Please note: While we have thoroughly tested this release, it’s always possible that we’ve missed something. We recommend that you test the update on a staging site before updating your live site.

3 thoughts on “Sensei LMS 3.5 – Export Courses, Lessons & Questions

  1. Hi Donna,

    Excellent implementation of the possibility to export/import “complete” individual courses and the option to create sample courses.

    Great ヅ

  2. Hi Donna,
    I didn’t find the option to install a sample course, and my current version is Sensei LMS 3.5. My php is 7.3. Can you help me?

  3. Thanks i will try this today and will let u know
    Thanks again

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