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Sensei LMS 3.3 – Import Courses, Lessons & Questions

Sensei LMS 3.3 has just been released and brings with it the ability to import courses, lessons and questions! You can also use the importer to update existing course content en masse.


Sensei’s new import functionality is available from the Sensei LMS > Import menu. This first iteration supports importing courses, lessons and questions in CSV file format:

Import content from a CSV file

A future release will add export functionality, making it even easier to transfer course content between Sensei LMS sites!

To download CSV files with sample data, or to learn more about the expected file format, please see our import documentation.

What Else is in this Release?

  • Appended random text to the file name of file upload questions to make it more difficult for external users to view them.
  • Added new CSS classes for preview and completed lessons not in a module to allow for easier element targeting.
  • Fixed an issue with the setup wizard Features step not saving if nothing was selected.

For Developers

If you’re a developer, here’s what you need to know about Sensei LMS 3.3.

New Filters

  • sensei_import_attachment_request_timeout – Filter the HTTP request timeout value when retrieving an external attachment.
  • sensei_import_csv_delimiter – Set the default delimiter to use when importing CSV files.
  • sensei_import_csv_delimiter_options – Specify the different delimiters that will be tried when importing CSV files.
  • sensei_learner_enrolled_courses_args – Customize the query arguments used to fetch the courses a learner is enrolled in.

New Action

  • sensei_data_port_complete – Fires when the import job completes.

Deprecated Code

  • Sensei_Grading::load_data_object – Use new Sensei_Grading_Main or new Sensei_Grading_User_Quiz

To update, please head on over to DashboardUpdates in the WordPress admin.

Please note: While we have thoroughly tested this release, it’s always possible that we’ve missed something. We recommend that you test the update on a staging site before updating your live site.

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  1. Excellent functionality.
    We’ve been waiting a long time for it.
    Thank you! 😉

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