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Sensei LMS 2.2 Beta

Sensei LMS 2.2 is now available for beta testing!

What’s Included in this Release?

Here are the highlights of the Sensei LMS 2.2 release:

  • We cleaned up unused, abandoned modules when the teacher is changed for a course that contains modules.
  • The course author name on the course archive page now appears beside the title. We’ve also cleaned up the styling for other course meta such as the number of lessons in the course and the course categories.
  • The Order Lessons page now displays lessons that are published, draft, private, or that are scheduled to be published at a future date.
  • We fixed an alignment issue on the single course page when a lesson has a featured image.
  • We removed the ability to add a course from the lesson page due to low usage.
  • We fixed an issue with WooCommerce notices not being displayed on some themes (like Divi).

See what else is in this release.


New Filters

  • sensei_modules_title – Modify the Modules title that appears on the single course page.
  • sensei_course_show_lessons – Set the visibility of lessons on the single course page.
  • sensei_course_meta_default_save – Whether or not to run the default save functionality for the course meta.

New Action

  • sensei_course_meta_before_save – Runs before saving the meta value.

Removed/Deprecated Hooks

  • sensei_lesson_course_create_form_top (removed)
  • sensei_lesson_course_create_form_bottom (removed)
  • sensei_lesson_course_created (deprecated)

Deprecated Methods

  • Sensei_Lesson::lesson_add_course has been deprecated with no replacement

Release Testing

You can download the Sensei LMS 2.2 beta here. If you find a bug, please submit an issue on Github or leave a comment here. Our tentative release date for Sensei LMS 2.2 is September 3rd.

In the next few days we will also be releasing the WooCommerce Paid Courses 1.1 beta, which adds support for attaching multiple products to a course. If you would like to sign up to be a beta tester for it and have a valid license, please fill out the beta tester signup form. Beta testers will receive the WooCommerce Paid Courses beta directly to their inbox.

As this is a beta release, please test it on a staging site and not your live site. If you don’t have a staging site, you can use the WP Staging plugin to create one.

Thank you to all our testers and contributors!

4 thoughts on “Sensei LMS 2.2 Beta

  1. Do you plan to continue developing Buddypress for Sensei plugin. I know that buddyboss is no longer supporting this plugin and I think that is really crucial for the Sensei users. Even simple messaging system is not handled well in the Sensei, and it also covers really useful other features like course group and forum.

    1. As BuddyPress for Sensei is not our product and we have no access to its source code, it’s not something we will take responsibility for maintaining.

      Have you already contacted them and asked them if they planned to release any new updates?

  2. Yes I contacted them. They said they will no longer continue developing this plugin. But it was for free so you should have acces to the plugin code… 🙁

    1. What I meant was that they own the listing on, so we couldn’t just start making updates to the codebase there. Regardless of that, we currently don’t have the capacity to take over and maintain BuddyPress for Sensei. That could change in the future, but for right now we’re just not able to take on an additional product.

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