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Deeper Integration with WooCommerce Memberships

In an upcoming release of WooCommerce Paid Courses, we’ll be focusing on improving the integration with WooCommerce Memberships.

So, we’d like to hear from all of you who are using WooCommerce Memberships:

  • What improvements would you like to see in the WooCommerce Memberships integration?
  • What are the existing challenges you encounter with tying memberships to courses?
  • What workarounds do you have in place to overcome the above challenges?

Please drop a comment if you’d like to share your feedback. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Deeper Integration with WooCommerce Memberships

  1. When te option for multiple teachers for a course?

    1. This is something we’re considering adding to our roadmap – Be sure to upvote it if it’s something you’d like to see added.

  2. I’m excited to see a deeper integration, however, I’m not much help as of yet. I’ll probably (finally) be putting both to use in a project next month. I look forward to seeing what you guys are working on and will provide feedback when I get there.

  3. Hi Donna, I have a new site running til this year. We are a group of artists selling our art, so we started with WC and Product Vendors. As Sensei reached version 2, I installed my copy of with paid courses and gave it a try. Courses are the way, I liked to teach first my artist friend how work with Vendors extension. In July I bought a copy of Memberships at Now I am able to content to only my friends (vendors). This works with courses too. But I was wondering why in vendors dashboard the part of courses and lessons is visible for them. If I deactivate Sensei with paid courses they may see only account related links in admin like orders, full filment, products and maybe reports. All Vendors have the role Vendor Manager from WC Product Vendors. Vendors should not have the ability to create courses and lessons.

    1. Hi Adrian,

      I’d encourage you to open a Support ticket as this issue sounds like it may involve collecting some additional information –


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