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Adding a Course to Multiple Products

As a follow-up to this post, I’d like to share where we are with regards to the design of the functionality to enable adding a course to multiple WooCommerce products.

WordPress Admin – Classic Editor

For sites using the classic editor, the WooCommerce Product meta box will change to a Product(s) multi-select field. It will work similar to the WooCommerce Upsells and Cross-sells fields when creating or editing a product:

Screenshot of the product meta box in the classic editor

WordPress Admin – Block Editor

For sites using the block editor, a new Sensei LMS plugin sidebar will be created that enables selecting one or more products:

What It Looks like on Your Site

Single Course Page

On the single course page, the pricing options could be displayed as radio buttons if multiple products are selected. We’re still working on the layout of the pricing options on this page, so it is the area most likely to change:

We are also discussing the possibility of creating a Course Pricing block that would allow for some customization of how these pricing options are displayed, but nothing has been decided as of yet.

Course Overview Page

The course overview page will also list the different purchase options that are available:

When Will this be Released?

We are starting to work on this now, and it is currently scheduled to be in the next release of Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses. We expect this to ship in the third quarter of 2019.

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