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Prototypes for Adding a Course to Multiple Products

UPDATE: This functionality was released in WooCommerce Paid Courses 1.1.0.

We’ve been working on a few different prototypes for adding a course to multiple products in the WooCommerce Paid Courses extension. We would like to share those with everyone now so that we can integrate your feedback and co-create a solution together!

Configuration in the WordPress Admin

There are a couple of different ways we could approach adding the same course to multiple products in the WordPress Admin.

Option 1

The first option enables adding courses to a product at the product level. Here’s what that might look like for a simple subscription:

And for a variable subscription:

It would work similarly for other product types.

Option 2

An alternative approach would be to add products to courses at the course level. Note that the checkboxes in this mock-up are the product names:

Option 3 (NEW)

A third option submitted by Roland uses a multi-select box on the course page:

What It Looks like on Your Site

There are also a couple of options as to what this might look like for your site visitors. Please note that the following prototypes are only applicable to courses that are attached to multiple products. If a course is attached to a single product, then a purchase button would be displayed, as is currently the case.

The following prototypes are clickable so that you can step through the three different screens.

Option 1

The first prototype uses radio buttons on the single course page to list the available pricing options. The products listed would be pulled directly from the product names themselves.

Option 2

The second prototype utilizes a single dropdown for selecting a pricing option. Again, the options listed are the names of the products.

We’d love to hear your feedback and which of these options you prefer, both in WP Admin and on your site. Or feel free to offer a new suggestion that we haven’t considered yet. You can add a comment right here on this post.

15 thoughts on “Prototypes for Adding a Course to Multiple Products

  1. I like Option 1 as best solution for selling courses with multiple products because if we have hundreds of products published (I like selling courses beside others products around my passion), the list of products in a course page (option 2) can be very long.

    1. Hi Adrian. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just added Option 3 to the post that doesn’t have the same scaling issues as Option 2.

      The last time you set up a new online course, do you recall if you created the course first or the product first?

      1. Hi Donna, I remember that I ever created a course first and after it was finished I created a product,

  2. Configuration in the admin
    How about this prototype:
    Option 2 without checkboxes. Better solution, I think.

    1. Nice! I’ve added it as Option 3. Thanks. 🙂

  3. I have a different type a question and also a request at the same time. I think that there should be an option that the Product Page for courses should be disabled. Now I have to add a separate description for a product page, with a link “here is a course page with sample lessons” I see that this is really basic problem. Why would I want to show product page when all the information necessary, video, lesson list etc. are on the course page ? I think that even when user clicks on the product he/she should be redirected to the course page.

    1. This is a great point! We’re thinking about the possibility of adding the ability to create a product directly from the course page. This would ease the process and eliminate duplicate work.

  4. Glad to see this in the works as we are currently using product bundles as a workaround.

    1. I don think it will solve this problem… Or I am missing something. Can you explain ?

  5. Hey, I am really happy that this is in the pipeline. I love option 1. Please could you tell us when this update might be ready?

    1. Hi Martin. I posted a follow-up to this here – We expect this to ship in the third quarter of 2019.

  6. I prefer option 1. I need this improvement ASAP!

  7. Any update on when this will release?

    We’d very much love to see this in action.

    1. Hi Paul. This functionality was released on September 3rd. Please see this blog post for more info –

  8. i’m a day late and a dollar short here but i have some ideas on this concept. i remember when this plugin first came out and it has come a long way. but bottom line, at least for me, if each course and its sub elements were created as product types we wouldn’t need any of this connecting or other plugins and most importantly we wouldn’t have to duplicate content just to be able to sell a course. which is kind of surprising that this isn’t the first priority from a courses plugin from woocommerce.

    i have been testing out every lms i can find, and none of them are working the way i need them to. main reason is you have to create two “posts” to be able to purchase a course, one of the custom post type course and one of the product. considering this is a woocommerce product i am surprised this plugin doesn’t make courses a custom PRODUCT type, like bookings. if it worked this way, all of the other woocommerce plugins would work with it automatically, specifically product vendors which is a big one for me.

    granted i have been sleep deprived from working on a custom solution to all of this, so i could be completely bonkers in my thinking here, or i’m on to something….

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