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Sensei LMS 2.0.1 Beta 1

The next beta, Sensei LMS 2.0.1 Beta 1, is ready for testing. It contains changes that rename the plugin from Sensei to Sensei LMS.

We recognize that the naming of this beta may be confusing. Given that Sensei 2.0 was made available prematurely on for a short period of time, we’ve had to rename the plugin from Sensei to Sensei LMS in order to prevent the same situation from happening again.

We’ve also bumped the version to 2.0.1, since technically Sensei 2.0.0 was briefly (albeit erroneously) released.

Template File Changes

  • All templates – Changed text domain from sensei to sensei-lms.
  • templates/emails/footer.php – Updated footer text.

Deprecated Hooks

  • manage_sensei_page_sensei_learners_sortable_columns has been deprecated in favour of manage_sensei-lms_page_sensei_learners_sortable_columns
  • manage_sensei_page_sensei_grading_sortable_columns has been deprecated in favour of manage_sensei-lms_page_sensei_grading_sortable_columns
  • manage_sensei_page_sensei_analysis_sortable_columns has been deprecated in favour of manage_sensei-lms_page_sensei_analysis_sortable_columns

Other Things to be Aware of

There are some additional things you should be aware of, particularly for developers:

  • The main plugin file has been renamed from sensei.php to sensei-lms.php.
  • Sensei LMS is now installed in the wp-content/plugins/sensei-lms directory.
  • The text domain has been changed to sensei-lms throughout the codebase.
  • The screen IDs for all subpages under the Sensei LMS menu have changed. If you are referencing screen IDs in any custom Sensei code, they will need to be updated.

You can download the beta here. Should you find any issues, please report them here in the comments or on Github. Thank you!

As this is a beta release, please test on a staging site and not your live site. If you don’t have a staging site, you can use the WP Staging plugin to create one.

2 thoughts on “Sensei LMS 2.0.1 Beta 1

  1. I am unable to get my cart features working. I don’t know where to find support, as I am not a developer and I do not know any that understand how to get the cart features working. My developer disappeared before completing the project. Please help.

    1. Please open a WooCommerce support ticket and our Happiness Engineers will be able to work with you to resolve the problem. Thx.

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