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Sensei 1.12.3 is Available Now

We’ve just released Sensei 1.12.3, which fixes a few troublesome bugs and does some preliminary work that will make the transition to Sensei 2.0 easier. Given this, we recommend that you upgrade to 1.12.3 as soon as possible ahead of the upcoming Sensei 2.0 release.

It’s important to note that the upcoming 2.0 versions of Sensei and our official extensions will not work on sites running older versions of PHP. If you are running a version of PHP that is older than 5.6, we strongly encourage you to update to 5.6 or higher.

If you’re not sure which version of PHP your site is running, you may find the How to Check Your WordPress Site’s PHP Version section of this article helpful.

You can also read more about updating PHP on

What’s in this Release?

Here’s the rundown of what’s in this release:

Please report any issues you find in the comments or on Github. Thank you!

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