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Upcoming changes in Sensei 2.0

There are some updates coming to Sensei! Nothing changes for you immediately, but we wanted to let you know what’s new — and why.

When Sensei 2.0 launches, it will be available as two separate plugins – a free version available on for anyone who wants to offer online courses on their website, and a WooCommerce Paid Courses extension for those who’d like to sell courses through WooCommerce.

Why are we doing this?

We want to make it possible for anyone who wants to create online courses to be able to do so with Sensei. By creating a free version, we draw closer to realizing our vision of democratizing online learning.

What does this mean for me?

If you currently have a valid Sensei license for your site, nothing changes in Sensei 2.0. Your existing Sensei plugin will continue to function as before, and you’ll continue to get updates and support.

(Eventually, there will be a migration process to seamlessly transition your site from Sensei to Sensei + WooCommerce Paid Courses, but that won’t happen until after the release of Sensei 2.0.)

I have a question.

Ask it! We invite you to add a comment to this post with any questions you have.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming changes in Sensei 2.0

  1. I have Woo Commerce Memberships and Subscription plugins installed . How will the update affect them ?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Your integration with WooCommerce, Memberships and Subscriptions will continue to function as it did before. Nothing will change there.

  2. Are there significant new features rolling out with 2.0, or is it exclusively about creating free/paid versions of the existing functionality?

    1. There won’t be any new features in 2.0, as the work required to split the plugin into two plugins was significant work on our part. We’ll be adding new features post-2.0 release.

  3. We don’t charge for courses but did purchase a license. Does that mean we can move to the free version.

    1. If you don’t require integration with WooCommerce, WC Memberships or WC Subscriptions, then the version on should be enough to meet your needs.

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