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1.8.7 bug fix release

While we were working on then next major release (1.9) we realised that there were a few pesky issues bugging you. We didn’t want you to wait much longer so we decided to bring this fix out quickly.

See our documentation for details of how to update.

The issues that were fixed are outlined below in further detail:

  • Fixed: WP_Widget constructors updated as within WordPress Core – The way classes were constructed was changed in the later version of PHP. We no only use __construct and not the old method of using the class name as a function in the class.
  • Fixed: Course created email sent twice – We moved the function to a different hook to avoid duplication here.
  • Fixed: Menu items with blank URL disappeared when the private messages functionality were disabled in settings.
  • Fixed: Answers disappear after adding a question.
  • Fixed: Multiple Choice random order was applied by default even if the user didn’t select this.
  • Fixed: TextArea question answers not displaying correctly in grading.
  • Fixed: Question type contains author name
  • Fixed: “Other Lessons” title always shows, even with no lessons under it.
  • Fixed: auto-grading for gap-fill questions.
  • Fixed: Double forward slash when loading templates.
  • Fixed: Invalid prompt message when trying to leave the Add Question page
  • Fixed: Installing the sensei pages, the dropdowns for both pages are still empty on the first load.
  • Fixed: allow for course products to be part WooCommerce product bundles
  • Fixed: removed WordPress 4.3 table list notices
  • Tweak: Give the teacher the right access to Lesson comments
  • Tweak: Users with teacher role will now be sent to admin after login.
  • Tweak: Show admin bar to users who can ‘edit_courses’ – This was

See the changelog for full details of this release.

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