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Sensei 1.8.4 bug fix release now available

Version 1.8.4 of Sensei has just been released. See our documentation for details of how to update.

This release fixes a couple of bugs:

  • The query post type value for author related queries were negatively affected by a change in 1.8.0. We have implemented conditions to ensure this query filter only applies to teachers and that the post types are merged with existing ones instead of overwriting the post types given.
  • Performance issues on the all courses page with a large user base. The teacher drop down to filter courses by the “teacher”( owner ) broke the page. The query is now improved to avoid fetching all users.
  • Performance issues when doing the user AJAX search in learner management. The search timed out for enormous user bases. It was fixed by enforcing minimum string search length, to limit the number users returned from the initial query.
  • Update all instances of ‘numberofposts’ with ‘posts_per_page’ because this was deprecated in WordPress

See the changelog for full details of this release.

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