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Sensei 1.6.9 now available

Version 1.6.9 of Sensei has just been released with some important fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where quizzes were not showing up due to some quizzes being duplicated*
  • Fixed the Quizzes panel in the Question edit screen, so it shows all quizzes that the question is used in.
  • Fixed chosen dropdowns on course edit screen
  • Fixed the csv export link on the Analysis overview page. This now exports all results, not just the current page.
  • Updated the link on the theme support notice for themes that don’t declare Sensei support, to link to the correct documentation page.
  • Added ‘view course’ and ‘view lesson’ links after publishing/updating a course/lesson
  • Added an ‘Edit Course’ link to the admin toolbar when viewing a course page.

Note: This fix prevents quizzes from being duplicated for any new lessons. If you have existing lessons where you can’t see the ‘view quiz’ button, or the quiz is empty when it should have questions, then you need to do the following:

  • Go to /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=quiz to view all your quizzes (you’ll need to enter that in the address bar, as there is no link to it).
  • If you see any duplicated quizzes, view each one to find the one that contains your quiz questions, and delete the empty ones.
  • This should fix your quizzes

If this doesn’t help, or you don’t have any duplicate quizzes and your quizzes still aren’t working, then please submit a support ticket, as it’s most likely a different issue.